Alfa Romeo Giulia “the hardest challenge” for designers

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia (unofficial)

Fiat Chrysler Group’s global head of design, Lorenzo Ramaciotti, has described the upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia as the most difficult car he has ever had to design.
Giulia has to be a huge hit with the Americans without ****ing off the Europeans too much and at the same time not looking like the Maserati or anything Japanese and be instantly recognisable as an Alfa Romeo. I don’t envy them the task. – from forum
Speaking about the mid-sized Alfa Romeo Giulia in an interview with Autocar, Ramaciotti said, “Alfa Romeo is the hardest design challenge we face. There is a lot of expectation, so what we do has to be remarkable but stand the test of time.” The Giulia, which will replace the Giugiaro-designed 159, has been a consistent subject of internal styling criticism.  In 2011, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne reportedly rejected a final design proposal for the BMW 3 Series rival because it wasn’t exciting enough.
2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia (unofficial)

As well as concern about its final design, the Giulia has been beset by uncertainty about its underpinnings. Initially, it was assumed the Giulia would continue the front- and all-wheel-drive trend set by its 159 and 156 predecessors, and in line with Alfa’s current two-car line-up, which consists of theMiTo and Giulietta hatchbacks. However, reports earlier this year suggested Alfa would instead follow the recently released 4C, and return to a rear-wheel-drive-based range from 2015, delaying the Giulia until some time after the switch. Autocar also says the Giulia is now being redesigned as a “world car”, departing from its previous Euro-centric focus. It will be the real comeback to US market, since 8C Competizione can hardly be described as a return of the Alfa to USA.

Alfisti comments

challenge as in trying to do the impossible and marry ‘bug eyes’ with ‘not hideous’? the sooner alfa abandon the whole bug-eye thing the better, it’s a terrible look
It must be a difficult job when the proposed platform changes every time Marchionne changes his underpants!
Simple. It needs to have the impact that the 156 did when it was launched. But then they need to make sure it doesn’t have the niggles that the 156 had (like some suspension components made from cheese).
Sources: Autocar, forum

2 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Giulia “the hardest challenge” for designers

  1. Come on now how hard can it be for those Italian design studios to produce some thing that will knock the pants of AUDI and BMW .Most German cars lack any outward sense of style, BMW are one of the ugliest car’s on the road and Audi are not much better. Sadly it is all about the perception of driving a AUDI well perception is all to do with who you think you perceive yourself to be ie a successful professional Drives a AUDI or a BMW the problem now is the AUDI’S are as common as the working man’s FORD vehicle was many years ago . For me coming from a motor engineering background i know the FIAT/ALFA have always lead from the front when it came to engineering FIAT LEAD the German’s follow . The perception of German car and the reliability prowess is nothing more than a myth ,in the motor engineering world this is a know fact ALFA /FIAT 1.9 16v jtdm engine is far superior than any VAG .The public perception of all German products is that they are well made ,so to are product’s from ALFA /FIAT it was Fait who invented the Common rail diesel engine and the twin air engine that does over seventy miles per gallon .ALFA ROMEO NEED TO REMEMBER THEIR RACING HERITAGE AND TAYLOR THEIR ADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGN ON THAT HERITAGE TO START WITH .

    • It would be nice to see Alfa/Fiat match if not match the Volvo advert announcing the s60 entry into the Super V8 league in Australia and elsewhere in the World.

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