Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce – The Legend

Giulia Spider Veloce was produced in two versions: Normale and Veloce.
There was also a version called “Abnormale” which was a Normale version later upgraded to Veloce specs.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

The Spider, Sprint and Sprint Speciale Giulias introduced together with the Giulia sedan in 1962 were rebadged and updated versions of earlier Giulietta models (series 101), now with a 1.6 litre instead of a 1.3 litre engine. Easiest to distinguish from a Giulietta is the Spider, which featured a bonnet bulge to clear the slightly taller engine. The Sprint coupe was also available for a short time with the 1.3 litre engine as the Sprint 1300 – essentially a Giulietta Sprint with a different name. Most models were discontinued in 1964. The Sprint Speciale continued until 1966.

In this Youtube video you can se the relationship between an enthusiast and this timeless beauty.

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