Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce – The Legend

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Giulia Spider Veloce was produced in two versions: Normale and Veloce. There was also a version called “Abnormale” which was a Normale version later upgraded to Veloce specs. The Spider, Sprint and Sprint Speciale Giulias introduced together with the Giulia sedan in 1962 were rebadged and updated versions of earlier Giulietta models (series 101), now […] Continue reading →

Possible Engines of New Giulia

Since new Giulia is well overdue, it is hard to believe that will employ any engines that are not already in use by current Fiat-Chrysler gamma. That would leave us with MultiAir and MultiJet engines, with addition of Chrysler’s Pentastar as an engine for eventual Green Cloverleaf version. Here is the list of possible MultiAir units […] Continue reading →